Customer Experience Digitalization

Customer Centric Strategy has been considered for years the real success key of a company. In the B2B (“Business to Business”), where usually a direct relationship between customer and vendor is established and it tends to last on medium-long term, a good Customer Management is essential. Creating a positive experience related to products and/or services’ sales and post-sales lifecycles can represent a real competitive advantage for companies.

Moreover, Client’s Loyalty Acquisition has nowadays the same importance of New Clients Acquisition. Business strategies address indeed more weight to company loyalty programs.

This is the reason why it is fundamental for every enterprise to implement and/or optimize its Customer Experience Program, moving forward to customer-centric strategies and investments.

After the recent Covid19 pandemy and all its social and economic effects, Customer Management is even become essential for a business to survive.

New business strategies to optimize Customer Care’s tools have been based of course on taking advantage of New Technologies and Digitalization Growing Trend. Let’s see few examples.

  1. Contactless Customer Experience

Digital “Contactless” customer services demand has exponentially growth during and after the pandemic crisis. People have discovered new ways of interaction with organizations, completely remote. These new solutions offer benefits as speed and ease usability, taking advantage of technological touchless tools, as vocal interface or facial recognition.

  • Self-Service solutions

Long waits to receive information have always been the negative side of old Customer Service solutions. In this Digital Era they represent a real limit to build a strong and long relationship with the own customers. With technologies as Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to offer interactive or self-service tools based on simplified and rapid processes.

  • Smart- Working Customer Experience

A growing and revolutionizing trend of this period is the smart-working or remote working companies’ adoption, which leads to a new way of communicating and interacting among people and remotely collaborating, thanks to the use of digital tools and software.

  • Niche Customer Experience Solutions

Talking about industries, another growing trend is the vertical customization of digital solutions request. Indeed, customers are requiring niche software able to satisfy the own specific needs.

Eusoft has always considered its customers as partners of a project. Its mission is indeed to contribute to the growth and added value creation for laboratories, developing a digital data and activities management. Moreover, Eusoft has the aim to support the customer’s management process automatization thanks to customizable solutions. The final goal is not to sell a LIMS as a product, but to support the customer in the management of the laboratory, offering a 360 degrees experience.

To persecute a constant improvement, in the last year Eusoft has developed new digital Customer Care tools to efficiently support customers h24 and remotely.

It has been implemented, in particular, a new E-learning platform dedicated to Eusoft.Lab LIMS Software training, giving the customers an unlimited access to educational paths. Users can access to the portal at any time and place. Find out more about our new E-learning platform:

Moreover, in order to offer a constant, rapid and tailor-made assistance to its customers, Eusoft has implemented a new online ticketing platform to request support in the use of Eusoft.Lab.