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    Cloud Solution

    Eusoft.Lab has been natively designed for a Cloud usage in SaaS (Software as a Service) version, allowing direct access to the platform via web-broser.

    The laboratory has the possibility to carry out any laboratory activity and manage information quickly and immediately at any time and place and via any mobile device.

    LIMS Benefits


    Eusoft.Lab guarantees the platform access via web for all type of users. It does not require any components installation by client side and it is accessible via all main browsers and mobile devices. Once activated, it is possible to access to a preloaded set of data or work on your data appropriately uploaded.


    The customer is the only owner of its data. He can access them in any moment, with no need to be assisted by the supplier. Client’s data will be never used to get information, for communication goals nor data mining.


    Eusoft.Lab system is adaptable continously following laboratory’s needs, activating or disactivating at any time new users, new functionalities, new modules, additional storage, and more over.


    High level of customization thanks to the software adaptability to the needs of all type of laboratories. It is possible indeed to customize masks, printed reports, workflows management. The system is also able to perform actions related to the occurence of events and automatic calculations.


    Eusoft.lab is provided in SaaS (Software as a Service) on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform. Microsoft provides the highest security and data privacy standards in all of its global data centers, granting the service continuity with SLA over 99,99%.


    Our customers can choose the geographic area of Microsoft data center to storage on data, requesting also georeplic procedures, in compliance to the norms ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, ISO / IEC 27018, SOC 1 and SOC 2.


    Compliance to the norms UNI CEI ISO /IEC 17025 and ISO 9001.

    Up to date

    Thanks to the continous management and update of the software with new functionalities and security features, there is no need of client-side mantainance: updates, installations and backups are managed directly by the supplier, all included in service fee.


    Eusoft.Lab payment is based on a usage logic called Pay per Use which requires a monthly fee based on activated number of users and software’s modules.


    Eusoft.Lab is available in any language.

    LIMS Platform

    The Eusoft.Lab system has been designed as a suite of natively integrated modules that allow a 360 degrees management of laboratory activities.

    Additional functionalities

    Allows you to configure the plans of analytical activities, associate each activity planned with analytical profiles and set the frequency of the activity plans.
    Quotes Management module issues quotations for analytical and non-analytical activities. The LIMS manages the workflow of all the steps of the quote from sample acceptance and keeps track of contractual terms with customers until billing. It can also be integrated with external accounting software.
    Enables the complete control ofthe characteristics of the sampling points (location, height, inner / outer diameter, etc.). Ensuring that samples are collected from the correct location using the approved methodology.
    It allows you to monitor the workload for each user and/or each instrument. The aim is to give the Lab manager all the information required to improve laboratory performance.
    It allows you to obtain data directly from the equipment importing data from the result sheet.
    Through the Equipment Management module it is possible to manage activities (preventive and / or corrective) on the laboratory equipment and its accessories and report any anomalies.
    Automates warehouse management of multiple products. EuSoft.Lab allows you to specify the products (i.e. reagents, glassware, standard preparations, etc.) to be used for each test, to put an order directly to the supplier and to manage the stock.
    This tool allows the Laboratory to Generate a test report in .pdf and p7m format and to sign it digitally.
    Allows you to configure the hazard statements, the tests suite for the characterization and classification of the waste also including automatic association of tests with the specific hazard.
    It is designed to facilitate laboratory quality management by the entry and management of noncompliance, corrective and preventive actions.
    Issuing invoices related to testing activities with the option oftransfering data to external accounting software..
    Allows the user to forward the results of analysis by e-mail, fax or SMS. Providing immediate sharing of results with customers.
    Allows you to manage control samples, to process analytic batches and generate EDD file after Criteria flags verification.
    Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Eusoft.Lab includes BI (Business Intelligence) functionalities which allow the laboratory to generate complex graphs for data representation to be share with the other business departments, providing support for strategic decisions and monitoring analytical activities status in real time. Eusoft.Lab BI takes advantage of technologies which gives to the lab the possibility to view interactive and updated dashboards, guaranteeing the highest data confidentiality. 

    Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Eusoft.Lab is available as a mobile app, giving the possibility to access from any mobile devise as smartphones and tablets. The laboratory can perform any type of action as entering results, managing the loading and unloading of products in the warehouse, viewing the intervention plans on expiring equipment and inserting interventions on the equipment, extracting and viewing the laboratory performance indicators directly from mobile tools. Thanks to the app you can use Eusoft.Lab in any moment, no matter where you are.

    Professional Services


    Thanks to the experience gained in different type of industries, our professional team has developed a deep know-how in process management related to each different type of industrial laboratory, with the aim to meet the different customers’ needs. Eusoft.Lab offers a specific configuration for each type of vertical sector as for example in print reports or data entry and database personalization. 

    Application Management

    Thanks to the Application Management it is possible to set management and control of Eusoft.Lab solution through different SLA (service level agreements) linked to:

    • Management and control of the components’ availability status
    • Management and control of the infrastructure  
    • Management and control of «Request for fix» (RFF) 
    • Management and control of «Request for change» (RFC) 
    • Project management: dedicated meetings to updated about activity statys and change management  
    • Help desk: assistance requests management thanks to ticket online platform

    These activities works on priority levels logic and timings to take in charge the request and resolution of the incident.

    Support and Mantainance

    Our professional team dedicated to the technical support guarantees constantly second level assistance thanks to the implemented online ticket platform which ables the client to request assistance directly online.


    Eusoft guarantees a 360 degrees user experience of the platform thanks to e-learning programs and training on the job. We offer a continous refresh of our learning materials through certified courses by our Elearning platform.

    System Integration

    EuSoft.Lab can be related with: 

    • Laboratory’s tools through a bidirectional communication of data (it speeds up analytics data uploading and reduces errors as data transcription, giving the possibility to control and verify the upload). Eusoft.Lab LIMS gives also the possibility to customize different uploading methods based on the type of exporting tool: text files, dynamics files, database, excel files.
    • Management softwares to data exchange useful for analytical production (ERP), administrative accounting (lab’s activities to be invoiced) and commercial (DDT used to send certificates to the customers) process.