Eusoft is an Italian reality born in1997 thanks to the entrepreneurial idea of developing a vertical product to digitally manage analysis laboratories in compliance with the technical norms regarding the industry (ref. UNI/EN 17025). The main product is EuSoft®.Lab-L.I.M.S. (Laboratory Information Management System) designed synergically with accredited laboratories. Eusoft offers to its customers Professional Services, Corrective and Evolutive maintenance of the product.  

Since 2010 Eusoft has started the engineering process and implementation of a new LIMS version, totally web-based, taking advantage of the latest technologies. The first version of EuSoft®.Lab 10 was released on October 2012. It links the functional integrity of a well-structured and experienced LIMS to the most advanced and newest web technologies. Furthermore, it natively works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) on Cloud Computing platform and it is perfectly integrated with mobile devices as smartphones and tablets.  

Thanks to the different delivery offers (On Premise or on Cloud platform) and the variety of professional services dedicated to the system implementation, Eusoft is able to satisfy laboratories’ needs, both enterprises and small laboratories’ ones. Eusoft’s value proposition is indeed correctly defined and oriented to each target industry.  

Eusoft’s history is characterized by a constant and gradual growth in terms of revenues, clients’ portfolio and human resources. With the constant increase of customers number, always more and bigger laboratories have chosen Eusoft as its partner to manage their key workflows.  

Moreover, thanks to the international analysts’ consultancy Eusoft has growth in the international LIMS market. Following on this, the company is working on a product innovation and internationalization strategy to support this growth.  

Eusoft’s Directors Board has built a Management System in compliance to the international norms ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001, with the aim to generate benefits and value to the project’s stakeholders described in the corporate Mission and Vision.  

Eusoft establishes this Policy as commitment and warranty to satisfy customers’ requirements and stakeholders’ needs, focusing on offered services’ requirements and guaranteeing products/services compliance and security to the international regulations.  

The intrinsic characteristics of Eusoft’s mission involves a high value of workflows’ information, as the market environment, characterized by the relation with both public and private companies, gives often direct access to customers’ business information,.  

Eusoft considers data security an essential factor to protect data assets, companies’ products intellectual property and reserved information.  

Following on this, the main goal is to protect companies and customers’ data assets, in particular:  

Confidentiality: data are not available or disclosed to unauthorized parties 

Integrity: goods’ accuracy and completeness protection 

Availability: accessibility and usability on authorized party’s request.  

Therefore, Data Security means guaranteeing data confidentiality, integrity and availability. More data characteristics can be involved, as authenticity, responsibility, no rejection and reliability. Prevention from IT related crimes is included too, as object of interest for corporate ethics and sustainability criteria.  

These principles are explicitly translated into specific and sustainable goals, which are scheduled, measured and reported constantly.