Eusoft.Lab for clinical laboratory

Effectively managing the activities of a clinical laboratory is a complex yet crucial challenge to ensure reliable results and quick turnaround times. Eusoft.Lab is here to simplify your work and lead your organization to success.

Daily challenges of the clinical laboratory

The clinical laboratory faces numerous obstacles, including activity planning, integration with analytical tools, data verification, test report generation, and inventory and equipment management. Efficiently addressing these challenges is essential to maintain operational efficiency and result quality.

Detailed planning

With Eusoft.Lab’s scheduling features, you can accurately organize your analyses, ensuring a well-defined work program for all users.

Integration with analytical tools

Eusoft.Lab enables seamless integration with laboratory instruments and automatic acquisition of analytical results. You can perform calculations on analytical data and validate them according to your formulas. The data is immediately available and automatically sent for control and approval.

Verification and validation of analytical data

Eusoft.Lab LIMS enables efficient verification, assessment, and validation of analytical data. This real-time tool supports strategic business decisions, enabling you to obtain reliable and high-quality results.

Clinical laboratory compliance with ISO 15189 standard

Eusoft.Lab LIMS ensures compliance with the ISO 15189 standard, offering a system that facilitates the accreditation of your clinical laboratory. You can be sure to meet regulatory requirements and provide laboratory services compliant with international standards.

Electronic and digital signatures

With Eusoft.Lab, you can utilize electronic and digital signatures, whether remote or local, to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your data. These features comply with regulations such as FDA’s CFR 21pt. 11 and provide efficient management of signatures on individual samples or sample sets.

Customized test report generation in clinical laboratory

Eusoft.Lab allows you to generate personalized test reports in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. You can add comments and conclusions using templates you have set up and automatically attach supporting files, such as documents or images.

Real-Time Data Sharing with customers

Eusoft.Lab software facilitates real-time data sharing with clients. You can send test reports via email, customized and digitally signed, and publish results on the Web. This improved communication streamlines your interaction with clients.

Management of clinical laboratory inventory and equipment

Eusoft.Lab enables comprehensive inventory management, including handling shipments and withdrawals and creating guided purchase orders. Additionally, you can automatically associate reagents and materials used with laboratory tests, ensuring complete traceability of inventory products. The solution also manages equipment, including calibration scheduling, maintenance, and intermediate verifications, ensuring full control over your resources.

Multi-site and Multi-language management

Eusoft.Lab is a multi-language and multi-site software that allows managing data from users located in different sites and speaking different languages. You can choose between centralized or independent site management, while each user can set their default language.

With Eusoft.Lab LIMS SaaS, you have an advanced solution for laboratory activity management. Harness the power of the cloud and cutting-edge technologies to optimize your processes and achieve excellence in results.