Eusoft.Lab for contract Laboratories

As a manager of contract laboratories, you understand the paramount importance of efficiently organizing activities, maintaining data accuracy, and delivering top-notch services to your clients. The solution lies in Eusoft.Lab, which empowers you to effortlessly accomplish these objectives in a comprehensive fashion.

Activity Planning with Eusoft.Lab

Planning sampling and analysis activities becomes a seamless and well-defined process with Eusoft.Lab’s powerful features. You can create and follow a detailed work program, optimizing laboratory resources and ensuring proper organization.

Integration with instruments and automatic data acquisition

Eusoft.Lab LIMS is an advanced management software that seamlessly integrates with your laboratory instruments. You can automatically acquire analytical results directly from the instruments, saving time and reducing manual errors. Moreover, the system performs calculations on analytical data based on predefined and validated formulas, ensuring result reliability. If needed, manual data entry is also available.

Verification and evaluation of analytical data

Once the analytical phases are completed, Eusoft.Lab LIMS allows contract testing laboratory managers to verify and evaluate analytical data, ensuring result integrity and accuracy. With our LIMS, Lab Managers have a real-time tool to support strategic business decisions.

Electronic and Digital Signatures

Data security is crucial in the context of contract testing laboratories. With our LIMS, authorized users can utilize both electronic signatures, compliant with FDA CFR 21 pt. 11 regulations, and remote digital signatures using OTP, or digital signatures with devices like USB keys, smart cards, or SIM cards. These options allow individual or collective signatures on samples and sets of samples.

Test report generation in contract laboratories

Eusoft.Lab LIMS offers the possibility to generate custom test reports in any desired format. You can add comments and conclusions using predefined templates, ensuring compliance with ISO 17025 standards. Additionally, you can automatically attach any type of file to the test report, including text documents and images.

Real-Time Data Sharing with lab’s customers

With our laboratory activity management software, you can share analytical data in real-time. Through statistical processing, automatic email delivery of custom and digitally signed test reports, and web-based result publication, you can ensure immediate and effective communication with your clients.

Warehouse management in contract laboratories

Eusoft.Lab LIMS offers comprehensive warehouse management for your laboratory. You can control reagents, standards, and consumables through inflow and outflow management. The system automatically alerts on low-stock levels and facilitates purchase order creation. Moreover, you can automatically associate batches of reagents and materials used with laboratory tests, ensuring complete product traceability.

Equipment Management

Eusoft.Lab LIMS allows for full management of your laboratory equipment. You can efficiently plan and monitor calibrations, maintenance, and intermediate verifications. Additionally, the system allows you to automatically associate equipment used with laboratory tests, ensuring complete traceability.

Multi-Site and Multi-Language management

Eusoft.Lab LIMS is a flexible software supporting multi-site laboratories and users speaking different languages. You can manage data from different sites centrally or independently, according to your needs. Each user can set their preferred default language, facilitating system use in an international context.

With Eusoft.Lab, you’ll have a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your contract testing laboratory activities. Optimize efficiency, ensure data integrity, and provide high-quality service to your clients. Discover how Eusoft.Lab can enhance your laboratory operations today.