Public sector laboratories have the institutional role of monitoring to safeguard the protection of public health, the environment and the community so are always looking for opportunities increase the productivity of their operations and the quality of their data.

Public sector laboratories need to perform sampling and analysis on site but often don’t have the right tools to link the data to their own internal information system. Both the onsite and analytical data are often recorded manually, leading to wasted time and a high possibility for error. Regional offices of public sector laboratories often use different laboratory management systems meaning it can’t be properly controlled centrally. And if each section of the laboratory manages its own information in isolation, it can cause problems for tracing data and quality management. Lack of integration with other plant systems means data can’t be shared in real time and can slow the strategic decision-making process.

EuSoft.Lab LIMS system, with its integrated IT suite modules, offers public sector laboratories benefits including:

  • The ability to accept a sample in a local headquarters and assign the analysis to the appropriate department.
  • Interfacing with government portals to collect data.
  • Supporting external sampling activities through the PDA module (which is integrated with the power management sampling module), allowing data to be directly transmitted to the LIMS system, reducing time and errors and providing the correct geo-referencing through the in-built GPS system.
  • A reduction in the time it takes to register samples by automatically producing labels with a barcode so the data is fully traceable.
  • Automatic generation of all necessary documents for quality management, based on stored data.
  • The LIMS product, integrated with your laboratory instruments, directly captures data which is more reliable than when it is entered manually.
  • Calculations are done automatically based on pre-configured formulas.
  • Data is instantly available to allow for automatic shipping for approval to the relevant people.
  • Share data with other parts of the business in real time by publishing results online so all data collected regionally can be managed centrally.
  • Manage the products in your warehouse through a special module which allows you to track orders, load and withdraw products and see what’s running low, expiring or expired.
  • Intervention plans on your equipment to keep everything running and make sure they meet quality standards.
  • Traceability of inventory products and equipment used during analytical activities as required by UNI CEI ISO/IEC 17025.