Eusoft.Lab for Biobanks

Efficiently manage your laboratory activities with Eusoft.Lab LIMS SaaS, the ideal solution for biobanks. Discover the key benefits of adopting Eusoft.Lab in the biobanking sector and how we can help optimize your laboratory operations.

Biobanks Activity Planning

With Eusoft.Lab, you can meticulously plan sampling and analysis activities. Thanks to advanced planning features, you can create a well-defined work schedule for all users, ensuring greater efficiency and reducing errors.

Integration with instruments and automated data acquisition

Eusoft.Lab LIMS is a management software for biobanks that seamlessly integrates with laboratory instruments, allowing automatic acquisition of analytical results. You can perform calculations on data based on customized formulas and have all the data readily available for control and approval. Manual data entry? This option is also available!

Verification and Evaluation of Analytical Data

After the analytical phases, Eusoft.Lab LIMS enables authorized personnel to verify and evaluate analytical data, ensuring reliable results and supporting strategic business decisions. You will have a real-time tool for result validation and quality control.

Compliance with ISO 20387:2019

Eusoft.Lab LIMS is compliant with ISO 20387:2019, ensuring conformity and quality in biobank activities. With our solution, you can manage your biobank in accordance with international standards, ensuring sample safety and data traceability.

Electronic and digital signatures

Our LIMS enables the use of electronic signatures (in compliance with FDA CFR 21 pt. 11) and remote digital signatures (with OTP) or digital signatures (with USB keys, smart cards, or SIM cards). You can apply signatures individually or to a set of samples, ensuring document authenticity and integrity.

Custom test report generation

With Eusoft.Lab LIMS, you have the option to generate custom test reports in any format, including comments and conclusions. You can use user-defined templates compliant with ISO 17025, and automatically attach any type of file. Sharing results will be quick and efficient.

Real-time data sharing

Our biobank management solution enables real-time data sharing with customers. You can send digitally signed and customized test reports via email and share results through statistical processing and web publishing. Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest data.

Comprehensive management of warehouse and equipment in biobanks

Eusoft.Lab LIMS offers complete warehouse management, ensuring control of reagents, standards, and consumables. We will automatically notify you of low-stock items and assist you in creating purchase orders. Moreover, you can associate batches of reagents and materials used with laboratory tests, ensuring full product traceability.

Efficiently manage your biobanks with Eusoft.Lab LIMS SaaS. Choose the industry-leading solution for reliable results, regulatory compliance, and optimal laboratory activity management. Contact us today for a free demo or further information.