Eusoft.Lab for Oil & Gas Industry

Addressing the challenges of the Oil & Gas sector requires efficient and accurate management of laboratory activities. From sampling and analysis execution to data verification and test report generation, every step must be executed with precision and speed. This is where Eusoft.Lab, our innovative cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) SaaS, comes into play.

Activity Planning with Eusoft.Lab

With Eusoft.Lab, you can meticulously plan all laboratory activities, including sampling and analysis execution. Integrated planning features allow you to create a well-defined work program for all users, ensuring greater efficiency and organization.

Integration with Analytical Instruments and Data Entry

Eusoft.Lab seamlessly integrates with your laboratory’s analytical instruments, enabling automatic acquisition of analytical results. The system also performs calculations on analytical data based on customizable formulas, providing accurate and timely assessments. Data is immediately available to relevant personnel for control and approval, ensuring efficient and reliable information management. Additionally, manual data entry is available when necessary.

Verification and Evaluation of Analytical Data

Eusoft.Lab allows authorized functions to quickly and accurately verify, evaluate, and validate quickly and accurately analytical data. Thanks to this functionality, Lab Managers can make strategic decisions based on real-time reliable data, providing a solid foundation for business operations.

Electronic and Digital Signatures

Our LIMS for Oil & Gas supports electronic signatures in compliance with FDA CFR 21 pt. 11 regulations, as well as remote digital signatures using OTP or digital signatures with devices like USB keys, smart cards, or SIM cards. These signature options ensure the authenticity and integrity of analytical data, providing further security in laboratory operations.

Test Report Generation

With Eusoft.Lab, test report generation becomes simple and efficient. You can create customized reports in compliance with ISO 17025 standards and add comments and conclusions using predefined templates. Moreover, you can automatically attach any type of file, such as text documents or images, to further enrich the test reports.

Real-Time Data Sharing in the Oil & Gas Sector

Our laboratory management software enables data sharing with clients in real-time. Through statistical processing, you can automatically send customized and digitally signed test reports via email, ensuring quick and effective communication. Furthermore, results can be published via the Web for immediate and secure access.

Warehouse Management

Eusoft.Lab offers comprehensive warehouse management, enabling control of reagents, standards, consumables and more. Through inflow and outflow management, you can monitor stock levels and efficiently create purchase orders. Additionally, the system automatically associates batches of materials used with laboratory tests, ensuring complete product traceability.

Equipment Management

Eusoft.Lab also streamlines the management of laboratory equipment. You can effectively plan and manage calibration, maintenance, and intermediate verification activities. Moreover, the system allows for automatic association of equipment used with each laboratory test, ensuring complete traceability and control.

Multi-Site and Multi-Language Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

Eusoft.Lab is a multi-language and multi-site software designed to meet the needs of laboratories located in different sites with users speaking various languages. The system enables centralized data management for all sites or independent management for each site, offering maximum flexibility. Each user can set their preferred default language, simplifying software use in a multicultural environment.

Choosing Eusoft.Lab means relying on a powerful and reliable cloud-based LIMS that addresses the specific challenges of the Oil and Gas industry, enabling optimal laboratory activity management. With its advanced features and offered flexibility, Eusoft.Lab stands as the ideal partner to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and ensure high-quality results