Today LIMS are in the fourth generation of evolution and many organizations are faced with the need to upgrade, supplement or modify their LIMS. Now, the proliferation of choices make selecting the best LIMS for an organization more critical than ever.

Following the success of our first Webinar dedicated to “How to buy the right LIMS, Part 1”, with this Webinar we help in choosing a cost effective Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and share ways through which you can avoid some of the pitfalls and get your company the system that it needs.

  • What a LIMS can do
  • The “must-have” of a good LIMS
  • Does your LIMS have modern capabilities?
  • Savings (ROI)
  • What you need to ask a supplier
  • How do you choose between the LIMS?
  • About Eusoft
  • Eusoft.Lab 10 live demo

Sarah Westall, Sales Manager UK, Eusoft Ltd