Nowadays, Digital Transformation is constantly changing Sales cycles of both services and products. This is the reason why each company should engage the new challenges in terms of data accessibility, availability, and security, to best support its customers’ needs.

Moreover, with the growing Cloud Computing adoption trend, and the availability of integrated services and software, this Innovation Process has even accelerated.

Since 2012, with the main goal to satisfy customers’ needs related to software’s usability, Eusoft has started its software’s reengineering process, releasing a more updated Eusoft.Lab version to offer the best user’s experience to its clients.

Usability and Accessibility led this innovation process, as we strongly believe they are fundamental elements to enhance quality and distinctiveness of a software, being essential to share a real added value with the own customers and partners.

In 2021, we are pleased to introduce you the new Eusoft.Lab version, the Cloud LIMS most powerful and evolved our team has ever developed.

Do not miss our official launch event: we are going to present and show the newest and latest Eusoft.Lab generation. Moreover, we will talk with our special guests about the latest news in the High-Tech world and, in particular, in the Laboratory Informatics.

The event will be stream online on June 22nd, 2021 at 9 GTM.

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