Bialystok, 10th November 2017 – Attention for new generations to increase the value of innovation and competence has always been a goal for Eusoft. Today this goal takes a step forward in its achievement, thanks to a collaboration with the University of Bialystock – Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The initiative allows students to access Eusoft.Lab 10, the latest generation LIMS solution for the management of the laboratory, aiming at training future analysts in the automation and digitalization of all key lab processes.

Eusoft CEO Stefano D’Ascoli said of the initiative:

“It’s a great pleasure to inaugurate this program, which will work on a very important issue for the future. Higher education – private sector collaboration is a catalyst for industry transformations, new technologies and university modernization. When companies and universities work in tandem to push the frontiers of knowledge, they become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth”.

Thanks to Eusoft.Lab 10 LIMS, the burden of repetitive and tedious activities in the lab will be removed. Automating some simple tasks will give students the time they need to pursue more productive tasks such as analyzing research data or developing alternative approaches to their analysis.