Eusoft was the only Italian company at Paperless Lab 2015 that develops, manages and implements LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems).  Eusoft sparked interest in their LIMS Eusoft.Lab 10, and were delighted to launch the newly developed Eusoft mobile application during the event.

The Paperless Lab Academy was held in the beautiful location of the Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime in Barcelona.  Professionals, Laboratory Technicians, Directors and LIMS experts from many European countries observed the LIMS during these two days in Spain.  Eusoft launched the EusoftAPP, their first mobile application designed for effective LIMS use on smartphones and tablets.  Eusoft are focused on customer’s needs and aim to develop innovative solutions to meet customer demands.

During the event, Eusoft hosted a one hour workshop, which was attended by around 20 participants.  During this time they presented and discussed Eusoft.Lab LIMS in the cloud as well as the mobile application for effective laboratory managment.  The purpose of the workshop was to show how a LIMS in the cloud allows you to perform laboratory work in a more efficient and effective way, to avoid transcription errors and save time.  Using their first mobile app, they showed participants a solution that allows all managment activities in real-time, for any organization, without the need for high investments.

Eusoft.Lab SaaS (Software as a Service) is available with a simple Internet connection and a pay monthly fee, allowing for system scalability and quick set up.  With the EusoftAPP you will be able to exponentially increase laboratory efficiency without any infrastructure investment, using only smartphones and tablets, which today have become essential business management tools.