The cloud has taken the technology world by storm over the last two decades. Everyone is “moving to the cloud,” and companies keep promoting “cloud computing.”

But what does that even mean?

The concept of “the cloud” has evolved into a wide range of solutions, but cloud computing is essentially the use of third-party computing power that delivers services over the internet.

Cloud computing is provided by companies that own, house, and operate large facilities filled with servers. These facilities are called data centers, and they power the applications, services, and virtual machines delivered to customers. Customers use these to store data, create virtual networks, and deploy applications.

We call it the cloud because everything is stored remotely and delivered via web-based connections. There isn’t one single location where all this information is stored; it’s just accessed by users connected to the internet.

Companies use cloud computing services because this method is cheaper than buying expensive computing hardware. Users simply rent the power of a provider’s data center to virtualize the tools they need.

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