Eusoft Team Dedicates 1195 Days to Improve Performance, Security and User Experience

We are excited to present to you the results of our ongoing commitment to perfecting our product, Eusoft.Lab LIMS saas in Cloud. To better meet your needs, we’ve invested time and resources to make significant improvements to performance, security, and user experience. Our team of developers, IT experts and testers worked tirelessly, devoting over 1195 days to this project.

Details of the Updates:

1. Improvements to the Back-end:

We’ve boosted the beating heart of our system, improving performance in all crucial tasks, including data upload, search, and input/edit. These improvements include:

• Speed and Efficiency in Login: Access your system faster and more efficiently.

• Sample Management: Simplification of daily work with significant improvements in sample insertion and deletion.

• Import and Save Results: Greater fluidity and efficiency in importing and saving results.

2. Front end of next level:

Filter management has been redefined to provide an unprecedented visual and intuitive experience. Now you can create and use multiple preset filters per page, exceeding the previous limitation of a single custom filter. This helps to optimize operating times, avoiding inefficiencies related to the creation and repeated elimination of filters.

3. Enhanced Security with Multi-actor Authentication (MFA):

Your security is our top priority. We’ve introduced multi-actor authentication (MFA) to give you an extra layer of protection.

4. Application update improvements:

Integration with Microsoft services has been enhanced, ensuring automatic updates via tools like Azure devops. This ensures high reliability and faster updates.

5. New Revolutionary Infrastructure:

Our latest version is based on a microservices architecture distributed through Azure Kubernetes Service, offering tremendous benefits such as improved infrastructure scaling, automated enrollment of new features, and the ability to self-repair in the event of errors.

We are confident that these updates will make using Eusoft.Lab even easier, more effective, more efficient and more secure. We thank you for your continued trust and are proud to collaborate with you for the continuous improvement of the LIMS platform.