Preparations Underway: Starhotel Business Palace Milan, 5th October

The year 2023 has brought about a significant turning point for Eusoft in the pharmaceutical sector. We are pleased to announce our participation in *QC Pharma Day 2023*, scheduled for the 5th of October in Milan. This event represents a unique opportunity for us to share our experiences and expertise, gained through the management of a substantial project for a prestigious pharmaceutical company.

Our Growing Awareness of the Pharma World

Our participation in this event is made even more significant by the fact that we are currently working on a project to revamp production processes for a major pharmaceutical company. This company has recognized the value of Eusoft and entrusted us with a pivotal role in their transformation journey. This project marks a milestone in our corporate history and has greatly expanded our awareness and knowledge of the pharmaceutical world.

Focus on QC Pharma Day 2023

The QC Pharma Day 2023 event will primarily focus on two important themes:

1. Laboratory KPIs: Monitoring and Optimization

The measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial to ensure quality and efficiency in pharmaceutical laboratories. We will present our innovative solutions for monitoring and optimizing laboratory KPIs, demonstrating how Eusoft can contribute to improving quality control processes.

2. Digitalization of the Pharmaceutical Laboratory: The Future is Here

Digitalization is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical sector, making processes faster, more accurate, and more efficient. At our booth, we will showcase how Eusoft is at the forefront of digitalizing the pharmaceutical laboratory, offering cutting-edge solutions for workflow automation and data management.

A Special Invitation

We cordially invite you to join us at QC Pharma Day 2023 in Milan on the 5th of October. It will be a unique opportunity to discover how Eusoft.Lab LIMS SaaS in the cloud is helping to transform the pharmaceutical sector through innovation and technology.

We look forward to sharing our experiences and insights with you and collaborating to create a brighter future for the pharmaceutical laboratory. See you in Milan!

For further information about the event and our participation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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