Our visitors are well aware of this: we rarely slip in self-referential blog posts. But in this case we want to make an exception and, after almost 25 years of activity, we can say that we at Eusoft … well, we may not be perfect, but we are a smart company and definitely a nice place to work!

So this post is dedicated to all those who are not happy with “just a job”, but who strive for something more: think of us as a digital-driven and innovative company, and here are five reasons why you might fall in love with working for us.

  1. Develop your skills

There’s a huge wealth of experience within our doors and you just can’t help but learn! Quench your thirst for knowledge by working alongside our highly talented team and through our programme of structured training. We want you to be the best you can be.

  1. Be at the forefront of a new revolution

The digital revolution has profoundly affected (and continues to do so) businesses in all sectors, in addition to our daily lives. This is true to such an extent that it has now become an industry in itself. Working for Eusoft enables you to remain at the forefront of this revolution!

  1. You’ll never get bored

At Eusoft no two days are the same. The fact that you work across a number of different projects and customers means you’re constantly switching mindset. Overall, we are a very passionate breed. Our enthusiasm for our work is contagious and we challenge you to not be tickled by some of the exciting projects you could be working with at Eusoft.

  1. A different style of hierarchy

The boss is the boss, of course, this is universal. But imagine a boss and all the management of the company being easily accessible (no need to pass through X amount of people beforehand). This kind of open and communicative environment empowers us to take charge and enables us to feel more involved in the company’s success.

  1. You get to hang out with your buddies

Working in digital innovation is like being in an elite club. Have you ever told friends about your digital passion and felt like you weren’t understood? Yes, us too. Now imagine working with people who not only get what you’re talking about, but love it too! And from that you can’t help but forge some great friendships.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention… We have a large terrace where you can spend your coffee breaks and enjoy the Apulian sun!

If you want to explore any of these elements further, come and join us. You can send us your application by clicking on our careers page.