What Big Data Is

When we talk about Big Data we are referring to one of the deepest and most pervasive evolutions of the digital world. A phenomenon that is likely to deeply affect our way of conceiving life and our way of doing business.
To define what Big Data is, we have to think about interactions on social networks, a click on a website, our smartphones connected to each other. This generates an incredibly high amount of data. Huge volumes of heterogeneous data, which can be analyzed in real time: all this is Big DataVolume, speed and variety are the main features of this phenomenon.
Big Data is not only about great mass of data, but it concerns a deeper transformation.

How relevant are big data?

The definition of Big Data alone is not enough to understand the real meaning of Analytics for business. How can you generate value from data? Data is the new black gold and knowing how to extract value, is the real competitive key for large companies and Smes.
It is skills and Analytics technologies that transform raw data into valuable information for business decision makers: today it is possible to gain competitive advantage with timely and more informed decisions, which is by no means a detail. The relevance of data is also confirmed by the numbers: the Analytics market is still growing and the management of Big Data is confirmed as one of the top investment priorities for companies.

How Big Data can be used?

The importance of data goes beyond the purely numerical dimension. Data analysis methodologies (Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques), infrastructures and technologies evolve rapidly. The data, therefore, assume a new role in the economic and social scenario and the professional figure of the Data Scientist grows in terms of relevance and skills. Therefore, companies that have Data Analytics and Data Management Systems are driven by the need to achieve the following objectives:

  • improving engagement with the customer
  • increase sales
  • decrease time to market
  • widening the range of products and services
  • optimising current supply to increase margins
  • reducing costs
  • identifying new markets

And to conclude…

With this brief reading we have understood what is the value of data, how important it is to have a data management system and the indispensability of professional figures who know how to “clean” the data to make strategic decisions.
For this reason, Eusoft.Lab offers the possibility to analyze the managed data through the implementation of a Business Intelligence module able to provide an accurate analysis of data, at any time and on any device, even mobile.
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