Nowadays it is obvious Mobile business and related applications development are strongly expanding and growing, continuously adapting to habits changes and workspace evolution. On one side, it is true Mobile Market has reached its maturity phase of the lifecycle, gradually being replaced by other future type of businesses. On the other side, however the economy linked to this market continues to attract new investors and entrepreneurs who are constantly seeking for new opportunities.  

The so called “Mobile Economy” includes different type of businesses, from the mobile applications development to the various multiplicity of Mobile Advertising tools. In a rapidly digitalized global scenario, Mobile Economy is constantly evolving, driven by the increasingly diffusion of mobile devices usage.    

This environment offers opportunities to be taken into consideration by companies. Indeed, a lot of startups have recently flourished in the Content & Apps business. However, the mobile economy represents for more structured companies the real opportunity to review and implement efficiently customer success management programs, to start a direct communication with own clients. Not without efforts, of course, this decision brings new challenges and investments to IT departments.  

It starts indeed with a complex phase of “Design, development and testing” of the mobile app to prove the real usability and friendliness of the app itself. It is important to consider, moreover, a mobile app requires constant and dynamic updates to be adapted always to the new and emerging users’ needs to support through its usage. Not only, do not forget to take into account the different type of existing mobile apps (native vs web-browser apps, for example), mobile devices and online network conditions.  

Once the mobile app is ready to be launched on the market, it is fundamental to promote it and to support this promotion through the implementation of integrated communication campaigns, which should be effective and addresses to the right target. Nowadays, the global offer is even more big than the real demand, therefore the communication strategy should be targeted and coherent, highlighting the own added value against competitors’ offer.  

Then, a fundamental step to improve customer’s user experience is monitoring the apps’ performances. The real success key of an app is indeed providing the best user experience. For this reason, although its development complexity and all investments constraints, the only way to make the app user-friendly is understanding customer point of view. To carry out which activities do they use the App? Which features are the most used and which not? How much time do they spend on it? Luckily, Technology nowadays provides us an infinite number of tools to answer these questions, being able to identify real and potential issues of the entire application delivery chain. It is always important moreover to keep in mind that mobile economy is led by new logics: when the customer/user report a problem is already late to find the solution, companies need to anticipate different future needs, hence the importance of customers’ actions monitoring.  

For this reason, security and data privacy is a fundamental aspect for a company to consider. The quantity of sensitive data processed on mobile devices brings international bodies to set up norms and regulations to protect them and let them be usable in a secure way. Privacy and data protection assurance has become a must in both B2B and B2C market, as it is fundamental to build trusting and long-term relationships.  

Eusoft has worked for years to take advantage of this opportunity and has developed Eusoft.Lab in its mobile app version, with the aim of making accessible both laboratories’ activities and data in any moment and anywhere. If you want to discover more about it, visit our page about Eusoft.Lab.