Cloud technology for labs has become a growing issue for many reasons: remote working, collection of data from customers on the field, space available but also for management wanting to view data any time anywhere. In recent years the muck towards the need for a different kind of LIMS has really emerged. A LIMS that can provide true mobility and flexibility without compromising on features. Mobile devices have made a massive shift in the lifestyle of people all around the world and now the time has come for LIMS to dive into the smartphone club. Eusoft have been working with laboratories for over 20 years and in the first few years we would laugh about mobiles being able to be used in Labs but it really has become reality now. In 70% of our meetings with prospects we are being asked “can we use the LIMS on a mobile or tablet?”

Nowadays 1/3 of businesses are adopting the Cloud because they can access information through multiple devices. This shift has happened in other markets faster, but the more complex workflows of the lab have slowed this process down. However, the need was always there.

The acquisition of a cloud-based LIMS usable by mobile tools is essential to a laboratory if reduction of complexity and cost of management is required. It is so very important to understand how the LIMS provider is delivering their LIMS to make sure you can make the most of the functionality that a true cloud based LIMS and its APPs so that you can be sure you’re getting the very best solution for your Lab.

Cloud based LIMS can help your lab in so many ways and we have listed a few points below:

  • Elimination of error-prone manual transcription: data are inserted and information transmitted into the database as soon as they are generated.
  • Flexibility: it does not matter where you are. This is such an important point. The ability to speed up decision making but also the flexibility to have a LIMS rolled out to labs anywhere in the world being able to analyze and access data is a huge benefit to a growing business.
  • Time savings: being able to set up an experiment to run and then walk away to work in another area can mean freeing up man hours which would otherwise be spent monitoring a procedure. A simple to use LIMS will always save you time and money especially one that can easily implemented.
  • Improved working life: the technician is no longer bound by the physical constraints of the laboratory itself.
  • Improved regulatory compliance, traceability and auditing: the LIMS ensures that location information, barcode reading, precise timing and any other data the technician collects are linked directly to the test results.

These are just a few of the major benefits of a cloud-based LIMS and why Eusoft have chosen to invest in the Future and Land on Cloud.