Eusoft is proud to present the encouraging results achieved in the first half of 2020, especially as they come at the end of a challenging period.

The rapid, global spread of COVID-19 has unleashed what is possibly the biggest shock to our lives and livelihoods in nearly a century. While COVID-19 is above all a humanitarian crisis, businesses have also suffered as economies skid to a near halt. But on the other hand, the crisis caused by the pandemic has highlighted the resilience of the most innovative and digital-driven companies. For Eusoft, which has been investing for a long time in the re-engineering of its SaaS LIMS, this resulted in a significant increase in SaaS revenues (+54% compared to the first half of 2019), and the consequent reduction in the share of On Premise licenses, for a total change in revenues of +6% compared to the first half of last year, as envisaged in the 2020 strategic plan.

“We are very satisfied with the result achieved, especially given the fact that the past six months have been a period of lockdown and turmoil with companies facing an unprecedented challenge” – said Stefano D’Ascoli, CEO Eusoft. “During the lockdown, everyone understood that cloud software platforms are an essential tool for digitizing business processes, thus making it possible to work safely from anywhere and at a reduced cost. We are confident of further increasing our SaaS share by the end of 2020, partly due to the demands of the foreign markets, whose interest in our SaaS LIMS solution is growing beyond expectations. All this – concludes D’Ascoli – would not have been possible without the incredible commitment of our staff, who have never stopped working with dedication and profit, even remotely.”

But the best is yet to come! At the end of the year a new version of Eusoft.Lab LIMS will be released, allowing for an ever more SaaS and multi-device user experience. Stay tuned!