Enormous volumes of data flow through Laboratory Information Management Systems each day. Orders are received, specimens are tracked, results are entered and verified and reports are sent back to the customers. How do laboratories harness the information generated for value-added delivery? Lab databases can be considered a repository of established knowledge and a source for new knowledge from which to build a framework for business intelligence and decision making.

Traditionally, if a laboratory manager wanted to create a specific new productivity report, they had to ask their IT department to pull together the data and create the desired report. In recent years, laboratory informatics companies are crafting products specifically designed to deliver Business Intelligence to their customers and clients. Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of computer-based tools that provide organized, well structured and understandable views of laboratory operational and financial data. BI can greatly assist management to better understand their laboratory operations and make well founded, prudent decisions to meet laboratory objectives. Best of all, real-time dashboard reports can often be delivered directly to the manager’s desktop, iPad, or mobile device, helping her/him to make better decisions and improve processes.

To serve this need, Eusoft offers a Business Intelligence module that allows the laboratory to evaluate its performance using KPIs from data generated in Eusoft.Lab. Each laboratory can configure KPIs allowing effective use of the analytical data to support strategic decision making. It allows the generation of complex graphs for the representation of data that can then be shared with other business processes. The module can be used by all the members of staff involved in various capacities, in the management of analytical data (Laboratory, Quality, analysts and lab technicians). Each user will use dashboards most suited to their needs, choosing from existing ones (e.g. Number accepted samples/analysed, average daily samples accepted), or creating new ones.

Instead of being a long and complicated process, the new Business Intelligence module allows you to monitor analytical activities in real time and helps you identify issues before they become problems.

When laboratory data is managed daily, dramatic improvements can be made and errors can be eliminated, resulting in improved specimen quality, utilization, instrument performance, and customer safety.

If you would like any further information on our BI module, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@eusoft.co.uk