The beginning of the new year is a great time to give an overview of what happened during the past year. Firstly, the Eusoft team wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and following through 2018.

2018 has been a year of great success and important awards for our company, such as that of Gartner, the world’s leading global research and advisory firm providing insights, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, that – for the sixth consecutive year – has listed Eusoft as Sample Vendor of SaaS LIMS in its “Hype Cycle for Life Science Research and Development 2018“.

We kicked off the year with a series of Webinars covering various topics, including How to buy a LIMS, What are configuration tools, Quality in laboratories and very importantly SaaS and how this is taking the market by storm. These webinars are all still available to download and watch


To support our Webinars our Sales and Marketing team have been hard at work creating new pieces covering an array of topics:

➡ Download our 2018 White Papers:

Since we believe in the disruptive power of Cloud Computing technology, in 2018 we organized two Workshops in collaboration with Microsoft, dedicated to the “Laboratory on the Cloud”.

➡ Find out more about our WS “The laboratory on the Cloud” c/o Microsoft:

We have created a network of agents to be more responsive to the needs of customers and potential customers throughout Italy and at the same time we have boosted our international growth: 2018 has seen a significant increase in UK and Poland customers and very interestingly all coming on board as SaaS customers. We are very excited to share with you in the coming months how these customers are using our system and further show you how this will benefit you. The result in the new customers has also meant an increase in our technical team and we are excited to welcome on board our new team members bringing additional expertise from Labs.

Technological and digital innovation is the heart of everything we do. However, our motto is “Technology yes but Human first”. At Eusoft we are well aware of the role that People play within the organization and in order to nurture our human resources and make their work a source of satisfaction and well-being, we conducted a survey on the corporate climate, involving all members of our team. As per good practice, the results were shared and discussed together. What were the strengths that emerged? Skill enhancement and professional development, excellent internal relations both horizontal and vertical, sense of belonging and commitment to the company. There is no doubt: what makes our product great is the energy and enthusiasm of our team.

➡ Check out the video “Our 2018 in facts and figures”:

With this enthusiasm we are opening 2019 and we are sure that it will be another successfully year in the history of Eusoft!