Christmas is typically a peak selling season for organizations in many nations around the world. Have you ever thought that even the laboratory can earn more money during the Christmas period? This possibility can be accomplished in your laboratory with the proper installation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). You’re wondering why? Well, because a LIMS can lead to better inventory planning, quicker release of materials and the ability to search for data more quickly, which in turns lead to more available inventory and more potential profits. During seasonal peaks, more and faster production is needed to meet demand, so let’s go through a few examples of industries where a LIMS would increase a company’s speed to market to support seasonal product demand.

Food and Beverage

It’s no secret that Christmas puts enormous pressure on food & beverage manufacturing plants to ensure products are available and that everything moves smoothly through the season. The sheer volume of popular Christmas food or beverage items requires careful capacity planning and good execution. A LIMS can therefore assist in the planning, production and release of these products. Also, food products and the manufacturing facility itself require extensive microbiology and pathogen testing, which a LIMS can make more efficient.

Oil and Gas Industry

Although gasoline use is declining on average, in certain individual weeks it reaches high heights. The week before Christmas is one of the busiest travel day of the year as people move to visit their families or to reach the winter tourism destinations. Therefore, this holiday time is when the supply of gasoline is critical for oil and gas companies to turn profits. The price of fuel and gas fluctuates mostly on the price of crude oil and refinery capacity. So any efficiency gained in production generates more profit. LIMS can assist in the efficient production and release of gasoline by automating workflows, managing routine analytical plans and characterizing products before distribution and sale.


It is true: one of the very few downsides of Christmas is that it falls right into the flu season. Companies that manufacture flu shots, antivirals test kits and vaccines need to be prepared for the surge in demand for these items prior to and all through the flu season. To get products to market as quickly as possible, R&D and manufacturing labs have to reconfigure and change on the fly. Data management can’t be a bottleneck. A LIMS properly implemented in the quality control labs of pharmaceutical companies can dramatically increase lab efficiency and increase production and the ability to generate a quality product quickly, which in turn will increase the company’s profitability.


We all enjoy Christmas, but companies that can make a profit from it like it even more! For many of these, a LIMS can help to gain a competitive advantage by meeting demand during peak need times and releasing products faster. So if you want to increase the productivity and profitability of your business but your laboratory processes samples slowly, it may be time to invest in a new LIMS.

Happy Holidays from Eusoft!