Also this year Eusoft has proven to be at the forefront of innovation, with its latest generation LIMS solution, Eusoft.Lab 10, one of the first LIMS in the world natively designed for use as SaaS on Cloud Computing platforms. Confirmation comes from Gartner, the world’s leading global research and advisory firm providing insights, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, that – for the sixth consecutive year – has listed Eusoft as Sample Vendor of SaaS LIMS in its “Hype Cycle for Life Science Research and Development 2018“. This Hype Cycle provides critical input for strategic planning by tracking the maturity and adoption rates of technologies across the entire value chain for life sciences. As Gartner itself suggests, CIOs should use this research to understand innovative technology, prioritize investments and drive organization wide change.

“To us, being named again this year as Sample Vendor of SaaS LIMS by Gartner is the confirmation of our promise to innovate bravely and guide our customers to manage their processes more efficiently” said Stefano D’Ascoli, CEO Eusoft. “We feel that Gartner research reflects this commitment to spark greater productivity and reliability among the laboratories that choose our LIMS”.

SaaS, mobility, analytics. These are just a few of the innovations that helped propel Eusoft.Lab and there are many more to come. We are investing in key strategic areas to drive the future of Eusoft.Lab and the impact is beginning to show. While Eusoft.Lab is great on its own, the power to improve how you manage your lab can be vastly increased with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and powerful BI tools, that will enable our customers to take charge of their data, put it to work, and make more high impact and strategic decisions. As we continue our mission to contribute to the growth of our clients with high quality LIMS solutions, we are honored to be recognized as a Sample Vendor of SaaS LIMS in Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for Life Science Research and Development.

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