If you are reading this you are probably considering looking at buying a LIMS to replace an old LIMS, or you are looking at a LIMS to replace Excel or paper systems. There is a good reason why you have decided to read this blog and it will mainly be because well buying a LIMS isn’t actually that straight forward.

First thing first, in many of the enquiries we get, the first question we need to know is have you already mapped out your workflow and how you imagine your LIMS to work?

These questions will give you 1) a good place to start and 2) a fair amount of work. No in all seriousness, any LIMS company will need this very basic information if you want to even know ballpark figures. So create a workflow and start from there.

This is all great: you have the information on what you want; you get the providers in and then what… You have to choose which LIMS. Suddenly this seems like quite a complicated decision. We can all provide references we can all show you what you need the LIMS to do now and potentially in the future. So what is it that makes you choose one LIMS from another is it the Unique points about each LIMS, if we rattle off ours does it help you?

  • SAAS
  • Ease of Use
  • Reporting tools
  • Configurable
  • Long term partnership with Microsoft
  • Internal dedicated R&D team, with 10+ resources (two roadmaps: 1 functional, 1 technological)

No it doesn’t, and we think from the discussions we have had with customers is that we can`t sell a LIMS. It`s just that the product does that itself, when you have a modern interface that everyone can find their way around it makes it easy.

In summary, we have probably not really answered how to buy a LIMS as such but we hope we have given you a good starting point as to where you start in regards to looking for a system and the questions that it is so important to ask.

If you would like any further information on how to buy the right LIMS then read our White Paper: http://www.eusoft.co.uk/download/to-buy-the-right-lims/

Stay tuned: in July, we will be running a Webinar on this subject, which we hope you will join us for.