We live in an era defined by maximum mobility and service availability for consumers and businesses, where great strides in technological innovation have created an expectation for people to be able to access the things they want, when they want them. With cell phones, smartphones and tablets now outnumbering desktop computers, there has been a dramatic change in the way people access, use and share information, and that trend holds true for laboratories as well.

Today, many lab equipment systems are designed with the flexibility to accommodate the need of mobility. Time is also of utmost importance, and the ability for lab analysts to walk away from their work, or monitor it on the go, is a new standard. In fact, a new generation of researchers and analysts are entering the lab: while the older generation is used to fixed instrumentation, the new generation is more mobile and has grown up in a world of social media and smartphones.

The use of mobile devices in the laboratory is a hot topic, with questions being asked again and again in the laboratory world. This is especially so for LIMS users seeking dependable mobile functionality for remote data retrieval as well as for other tasks.

Mobile applications integrated with a LIMS allow the users to insert data and transmit information into the database as soon as they are generated, eliminating error-prone manual transcription. Another advantage of mobile applications is flexibility: it does not matter where you are, as long as you connected to the internet you can instantly access both applications as well as data from your mobile device. This ability is having a huge impact on the working lives of many scientists and lab analysts. Being able to set up an experiment to run and then walk away to work in another area can mean real time savings, freeing up man hours which would otherwise be spent monitoring a procedure, streamlining the way in which a laboratory works.

The days of being tethered to a desktop in order to interface with the LIMS are over. Mobility rules and will drive the future of LIMS product development and user acceptance.

Always abreast of the times, Eusoft.Lab LIMS is accessible by a mobile application that transforms the way you think of the lab. Our mobile App allows the laboratory to perform operations such as accepting the samples, entering results or issuing test reports, immediately, from anywhere.

It is no longer necessary to be in the lab to use the LIMS or in front of the PC, for example, collection staff for environmental monitoring will no longer need to come from the sampling point and insert results in the system manually. With our Mobile App, LIMS is always available, no matter where you are.