Laboratory Informatics is one of the fastest growing areas of laboratory-related technology and offers a variety of software solutions aimed at optimizing laboratory operations. But how much do you really know about Laboratory Informatics? Read this post to find out what you need to learn about latest laboratory technological trends and discover the surprise we have in store for you  🙂

Did you know that the global Laboratory Informatics market is poised to grow at an annual rate of 5%? In fact, with the increasing need to manage larger volumes of data while complying with stricter regulations and achieving higher quality and efficiency levels, laboratories are increasingly adopting new software solutions.

Do you know what are LIMS? Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are software solutions that handle the receiving, processing, and storage of information to manage data, resources, and workflows in laboratories. LIMS facilitates appropriate documentation of sample and staff data; helps to store and manage equipment and maintenance histories; accelerates the validation process by enhancing the credibility of testing practices and data quality; and helps in instrument interfacing, sample tracking, results reporting, and regulatory compliance. Laboratory information management systems are used in various industries, including the pharmaceutical,  oil and gas and food and beverage industries. These systems are also used in petrochemical and refineries as well as in biobanks/biorepositories.

Did you know that the global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) market is estimated to be valued at $902 million in 2021? The changing requirements of laboratories across industries and the growing need for enterprise-wide integrated LIMS solutions that can support multiple businesses across different geographic locations are factors that are leading to the higher adoption of LIMS solutions. Furthermore, COTS solutions also help to streamline laboratory workflow processes and improve decision-making and reporting, which are also expected to drive the growth of this market in the coming years.

Do you know what is a “smart laboratory”? The term “smart laboratory” usually referes to a laboratory which incorporates the latest technology, such as the IOT technology, to manage its scientific activities. The Smart Laboratory is changing the way of user interaction and laboratory resources with a new generation of information technology, in order to improve the clarity of the interaction, flexibility and speed of response, so as to realize the laboratory model of intelligent service and management.

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  • Lab Information: global market and prospects of growth
  • Laboratory digital transformations
  • International quality standards with a particular focus on ISO/IEC 17025

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