Discover how LIMS Eusoft.Lab is implemented in Food&Beverage industry for a diary company

The food & beverage industry undergoes rigorous controls to ensure that quality and safety standards are met.  Producers need to adopt systems and procedures for the constant monitoring of the production processes, from the supply chain through to the product distribution.

In such processes, the analytical data is fundamental to appraise and to check the quality of the products.  Quality control laboratories must analyse several hundred raw materials, semi-finished and end products, with a set of tests for each one.  Systems used by many quality control laboratories revealed inadequate activity management because they were unduly rigid and difficult to integrate with other business processes.

The manual insertion of the data involves a notable loss of time and increases the possibility of errors.  Quality Control laboratories need to have a unique system that allows transition of results in real-time, providing support to the people responsible for making strategic decisions.