Using a cloud solution to implement LIMS you get:

  • Reduced start-up costs and a quicker return on investment
  • Access to the system form anywhere 24/7 via the web
  • Constantly updated software versions
  • Scalability and flexibility with minimal costs

Why you should choose a cloud solution as the best technological approach for your lab:

  • With a cloud solution, the vendor provides all the hardware and software resources necessary for the operation of the service. This, together with the speed of implementation, allows a ROI (return on investment) much faster than an in-house system
  • A cloud solution allows you to work via the web, from you lab, your office, your home or from anywhere else
  • With a cloud solution, the latest version is always the available, without any installation and management by you
  • A cloud solution allows you to buy only what is nee ded at the time, with the option to acquire more computing power, more storage space, more bandwidth etc. as you require it
  • With a cloud solution Eusoft Ltd contractually undertakes to comply with the highest standards in security and data protection
  • A cloud solution gives your lab a competitive advantage and allows you to make use of the best technological trends available.