“Here’s how I did it” – Stefano D’Ascoli, CEO of Eusoft, talks about his international outlook during the event held in Bari on July 13 by the Internationalization Section Tertiary Innovative and Communication Working Group organized by Confindustria Bari and Bat.

In an event organized with the formula of the talk show eight companies of Puglia have told their experiences of internationalization from a territory, Puglia, rich in innovation and innovative moves.

“What I want to emphasize is that not only you can internationalize being an SME but you can do it by acting with the right means and using the human resources of the territory. This has enabled us to open up the market in the UK and raise awareness of our product and our brand abroad, the result of this hard and constant work of all business areas, from marketing to professional services. “- he also highlighted – “Our – Here’s how I did it – is therefore the result of investments both on the product in terms of technology and on an innovative organization. Orient my company abroad it has allowed us to have a particular vision of our market. “