Environmental companies need to perform sampling and analyses on site, but often do not have the appropriate tools linked to their own internal information systems to effectively manage data gathered.  Both field and analytical data are often recorded manually, resulting in a high chance of error and lots of wasted time.  Also, each sector of the laboratory often manages its own information independently, which can cause problems with the traceability of data and the quality management system.

A LIMS that is not fully integrated with other systems means that analytical data cannot be shared instantly and strategic decisions are ultimately slower.  With Eusoft.Lab LIMS environmental companies can obtain important benefits, such as:

  • Supporting external sampling activities with the use of a mobile app, integrated with a sample management module.  This allows the direct transmission of data to the system, reducing delays, reducing the possibility of error and providing the correct georeferencing of samples through the GPS system
  • Reduction of sample recording time with automatic generation of the label either with or without barcode and/or RFID for full traceability of data
  • Automatic generation of all necessary documents for quality management, based on the data stored in the system
  • Integration of LIMS with laboratory instruments and automatic acquisition of the results within the system
  • Automatic execution of calculations based on validated formulas
  • Immediate availability of data that can be automatically sent to the quality staff responsible for approval
  • Data sharing with customers in real-time via automatic sending by e-mail or publication of the results via the web
  • Warehouse management with a special module that allows you to track orders, load and withdraw products, indicate safety stock, expiring or expired
  • Management of equipment action plans ensure continued functionality as well as corrective and preventive maintenance  required by quality regulations
  • The tracing of inventory and equipment used during analytical activities as required by UNI CEI ISO / IEC 17025
  • Management of data from users located in different locations and who may speak different languages

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