Eusoft provides a system integration service that enables communication between Eusoft.Lab and other in-house software (ERP, accounting systems, etc.).

The seamless integration of LIMS with other systems and tools enables an organisation to control all business processes with ease, facilitating quick transmission of information.  Customers who have integrated their LIMS with other systems have increased their organisations ability to make business critical decisions, while increasing overall efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

EuSoft.Lab may be integrated with:

  1. Lab Equipment: Importing data from laboratory instruments accelerates the integration of analytical data and decreases the amount of transcription data errors. This maintains control of the imported data with features such as data verification before the final confirmation.  LIMS allows you to configure different import methods according to the type of export tool, e.g. text files, dynamic files, databases or Excel spreadsheets.
  2. Management software for import and/or export data to the analytical process (master data), production (ERP), account management (laboratory activities to be invoiced) and commercial (certificates to be sent to the customer with DDT).

To find out how Eusoft can help integrate your laboratory, call +44 (0)1423 813521 or visit: for further information.