Eusoft helps companies within the Oil and Gas Industry to control their rigorous testing processes by using real-time monitoring with Eusoft.Lab LIMS.  The fully compliant software brings something new to the industry and can help Oil and Gas laboratories certify to ISO 17025.  Eusoft.Lab LIMS is flexible, scalable and can be easily configured to achieve all of your business goals.

The Oil and Gas Industry faces the consistent, yet ever increasing challenge of improving personal efficiency, productivity, business intelligence and decision making.  With Eusoft.Lab LIMS companies can gain significant operational advantages by:

  • Meeting laboratory compliance requirements by creating a paper-free system in accordance with ISO 17025
  • Automating the analysis, management and monitoring of samples
  • Managing sampling executed by operating staff and delivery to the laboratory
  • Managing the approval of the testing requirements and planning with all departments (operations, engineering, environment and technology) to coordinate production plans, can all be managed efficiently with the software
  • The provision of an “audit trail” by the software to track deviations, sampling activities and developments so that production decisions can be made quickly with the most accurate and up-to-date information

To find out how Eusoft can help your laboratory, call +44 (0)1423 813521 for further information.