Eusoft.Lab Cloud gives you access to LIMS directly from the Web as SaaS (Software as a Service) paying a monthly fee to use the service based on the number of users.  This means not having to pay anything for the initial purchase of the license or for the purchase and maintenance of the hardware infrastructure.   The back-ups and updates of the system are performed automatically so the company can concentrate on their own business and on improving productivity.

If you are looking to reduce the initial investment, time to market and you are looking for simplicity and high scalability at low cost, or if you don’t have a specialist IT department, then Eusoft.Lab Cloud is the ideal solution for you.

Simple, fast and scalable

Eusoft.Lab Cloud is simple and flexible.  It is specifically designed for contract laboratories that require a simple LIMS system.  It is easy to implement and can adapt to the ever changing needs of the business.  Eusoft.Lab Cloud can be accessed through a regular internet connection and can be activated immediately, without needing servers, software and all the tools you would need for an in-house LIMS system.  As your laboratory requirements change, you can add or remove users, new features, storage space etc… or you can transfer the software to your own servers, whilst maintaining the existing configuration.

Reduced start-up costs and high return on investment

With Eusoft.Lab Cloud, there is no upfront capital investment required for the purchase and maintenance of a technological infrastructure.  All hardware and software resources needed for the operation of the service will be made available by Eusoft.  This, together with the speed of implementation and the reduced start-up costs, allow a return on investment much sooner than an in-house system.

Automatic System Updates

Eusoft.Lab Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution means the latest version of the software is always available to clients and is all included in the service fee.  Whenever new features are released, the application is automatically updated for all customers.  This means no downloading updates and no installation work required by the customer.

Contract Laboratories that implement Eusoft’s LIMS products see vast improvements in efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and cost.  To find out how Eusoft can help your laboratory, call +44 (0)1423 813521 or visit: for further information.