The expansion plan undertaken by Eusoft has, as an objective, the expansion of its presence in international markets through direct presence and through network of qualified partners.

In this strategic plan of expansion, Eusoft marking an important partnership with  Network Scientific, a company of the UK, who will be overseeing the marketing, sale and distribution of the brand in the UK and in the rest of Europe.

Network Scientific is a team of consultants dedicated to business growth in the market of scientific and laboratory industries. The team is able to provide multi-level services for its customers and generally manage the expectations and needs of the same. Headquartered in Harrogate (UK) has many years of experience in the field of science, in particular LIMS, having worked in companies for the development and implementation of IT solutions in the laboratory.

“With this partnerhip we aim to strengthen our position in the market for LIMS, especially taking advantage of the exchange of knowledge and information necessary to address the foreign markets.” – said our CEO Stefano D’Ascoli – “This collaboration will facilitate undoubtedly an increase of our brand and add other steps to what our company has been pursuing for some years. Examples are the numerous reports of Gartner who have quoted our software Eusoft.Lab in different strategic sectors of the world of Manufacturing and Life Science. Consequently we will continue on this route in a decisive and concrete way. “

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