Bari, December 2013 – Eusoft srl, a leading provider of LIMS solutions, today announced that Eusoft.Lab was listed among 16 LIMS vendors who have expanded their capabilities in Gartner’s report entitled “Convergence of Lab Informatics Creates Opportunities for Manufacturer Innovation”. *

“We consider that this inclusion is another important step of our company. We believe this confirms that Eusoft reorganization process and EuSoft.Lab reengineering allow us to be competitive in the LIMS market.”– said our CEO Stefano D’Ascoli – “Moreover, we feel  this important recognition helps us to focus on new objectives and projects in order to upgrade the implementation of Eusoft.Lab in better supporting our customers’ new product development activities. Now, we are sure that our LIMS can be considered a well performed tool for manufactures during their innovation and development activities. With our elevate experience in LIMS software we know that the use of some modules such as QA/QC, Business Intelligence and lab environmental management are the main features to help laboratories during their daily activities. For this reason we decide to establish an elevate interoperability between these modules and our LIMS.”

In this report, Gartner’s analyst analyzes how, “companies, that are tasked with using laboratory data to develop innovations, elevate quality and improve operational effectiveness, must take a serious look at their enterprise lab informatics portfolio and develop an enterprise strategy. Most enterprises cannot effectively share laboratory data and collaborate across phases due to inefficiencies and problematic architectures. There is a strong desire by the scientific business leaders to reduce knowledge management gaps and develop insights more efficiently.”  An important tip at LIMS vendors is to extend their experiment centric capabilities, that now are “light”, in order to increase product quality and operational effectiveness and to bridge into the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) space, which creates opportunities for single enterprise solutions.

* Gartner “Convergence of Lab Informatics Creates Opportunities for Manufacturer Innovation” by Michael Shanler, October 2013.

Eusoft is a software house company specialised in laboratory management software, so as laboratories are able to comply with the quality standards and the requirements of the accreditation bodies. The EuSoft.Lab LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System – has always been the core product of EuSoft. Eusoft.Lab combines functional completeness to the most innovative technologies in the web, that allow the use as a service (SaaS) on Cloud Computing platforms. Eusoft.Lab offers a wide variety of implementation options, unique in the Lims market.