Managing data efficiently is key to the high productivity laboratories that work as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms.

NGS has increased in popularity as an approach for studying the interaction between bio-molecules – mainly in response to changes in lifestyle and in various diagnoses for rare diseases. The popularity of NGS has seen it become the main activity which takes place in life science laboratories and led to the development of various protocols and applications.

LIMS Solution

This means laboratories are increasing their use of NGS for studying bio-molecules and their interactions through methods that assess how genes and proteins interact with DNA. They use specific instruments to keep track of sequencing requests, samples and the chain of custody while ensuring the data quality and making data available according to various privileges.

Our LIMS system combines the guarantee of high quality data with a reduction in times and costs. The delivery procedures are standardised in a way that makes it easier to manage data for biologists and analysts alike.

The LIMS can help you:

  • manage research projects
  • manage sequence requests
  • analyse data according to your procedures
  • manage the state of the sample during sequencing
  • draw reagents via barcode
  • access Workflow Automation defined by SOP
  • access statistics on analytical data
  • set up a sophisticated set of query options, custom exports and reports
  • manage the entire NGS workflow from sample preparation to analysis
  • record the tools, kits and reagents you’ve used automatically
  • view and organise data in a meaningful way allowing you to see its pedigree and supporting the storage of genetic variants
  • manage the chain of custody including the history of each sample and use the results for each individual patient. This means it’s easy to see the relationship between genetic samples and pedigree information (family relationships)
  • configure numerous types of custom samples – oligonucleotides, essays, primer mixes, DNA and other reagents
  • fully configure parameters for each type of sample
  • prioritise work lists, trial orders and the generation of reports, and customise specific operations and settings through the NGS workflow module
  • integrate third-party tools such as instruments and software
  • be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 as the LIMS was developed in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

EuSoft.Lab’s LIMS software easily integrates with NGS instruments and provides transparent management of NGS workflow and processing of NGS data. It is a highly adaptable software, meets high quality standards and is easy to use for NGS platforms.