A modern biobank must be easy to handle with high quality control standards. It needs to have high-quality repositories to accumulate and consolidate data from various sources and in various formats. These will form the basis for knowledge built up over time. Biobanks facilitate cooperation between the biomedical, basic, translational and clinical research communities.

EuSoft.Lab’s LIMS product can handle bio-repository to save and store the bio species data. It also encourages collaboration between researchers and ensures the data is secure and compliant according to regulations.

LIMS Solution

The LIMS system offers a seamless management solution for processing bio-samples and samples used in scientific research. Using a LIMS system has become increasingly important as IT solutions and IT media in general are able to manage and organise the mass of data accurately generated by bio analysis.

To foster collaboration between different parties involved in biomedical research and the development of personalised medicine, biobanks work in partnership with many stakeholders.

They receive a large number of samples from hospitals for their research and, in return, they provide patient information relevant to clinical practice.

Organisations including university research centres, hospitals specialising in treating infectious or rare diseases and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from using LIMS. It can help researchers to:

  • centralise data from different, geographically-separate biobanks
  • collaborate with other researchers by both displaying and elaborating data
  • eliminate manual data collection and data collection from different manual sources
  • accurately manage chain of custody at both warehouse level and tracking movements
  • guarantee the security and privacy of data when handling confidential patient or case information
  • integrate LIMS with other internal business systems
  • manage aliquots of tested samples
  • get a quick and simple overview of storage locations, sample state and sample workflow
  • annotate new bio-samples quickly and effectively for automatic data entry
  • access information on genetic relationships with pedigree information (family relationships)
  • manage master data relating to all patients and their relative medical history
  • manage the inventory of biological samples, tools and kits required for analysis
  • define studies and processes according to regulated protocols
  • manage the life cycle of biological samples through workflow
  • validate data based on roles
  • select and control access in accordance with 21 CFR 11.

Using EuSoft.Lab’s LIMS helps you to streamline, simplify and speed up activities, workflows and interactions. It’s a highly adaptable, complete and easy-to-use piece of software which meets quality standards.